Elden Ring New trailer for background history

What is it really in Elder Ring? That should explain the most recent trailer. The emphasis is on should.

Souls-like fans are already the days it still takes until Elder Ring appears. On February 25, 2022, the time has come. So since the release is not too far away and the gameplay premiere took place at the Summer Game firmly by Geoff Kafka, it was clear that the title would also emerge again with the Game Awards. And so it happened: FromSoftware has released a new trailer, which could also be the intro of action role playing.

It is therefore a pure render trailer without game scenes, but a) we have already seen enough of such anyway (and sometimes it has already been able to play even thanks to the closed network test in November) and b) so a video The cryptic story of the game illuminates easily to a fromSoftware title.

In the trailer, a character, which is also just referred to as a storyteller, told what had happened in the gloomy world of Elder Ring. There is talk of that the Rune of Death was stolen, the semi-gods have fallen and the eponymous Elder Ring is broken. We see a huge bustling battle and the fight between two mighty warriors. If you are sitting there after the trailer and think of you, Ok, I still have no idea what concretely the story of Elder Ring is… Well, do not worry, we are the same.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

Elder Ring is the first Open World Game of FromSoftware and thus the most ambitious project of the Japanese studio. For work on the Lore, Mastermind Hideaway Miyazaki has secured the support of the song of ice and fire author George R. R. Martin.

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