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Minecraft: 12 functions that fans wish for ages

Minecraft is constantly being supplied with great updates and new content. Nevertheless, the survival game is still missing some simple features and items that the gameplay would be perfectly rounding off. The congressionality wishes the following 12 things for years.

Minecraft: Features that are still missing the game

Minecraft is a huge, virtual playground with its Open World Sandbox, which offers thousands of possibilities . Last but not least, the survival hit is still a great success after years.

But the otherwise so diverse game is still missing simple features and objects , which would miss the survival fun without a big effort a perfect finishing touch.

For years, the players have been with the developers and asking for such functions in their ears. Partly the community himself helps themselves by putting extensive mods in the game. But why not the popular features integrate into the vanilla version of Minecraft?

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In the following picture track we have chosen you 12 features , which the survival fun still needs. Have fun!

What do you say about the mentioned Minecraft features? Absolutely necessary? Or overvalued? And which functions would you still celebrate in the survy hit? Visit us on Facebook and enjoy your opinions there in the comments!