Steam surprise: 2 years old insider tip suddenly storms the charts

In the topsellers of Steam are mostly hotly awaited or freshly published top games. But again and again the sales charts are whirled by small hit games or attractive offers. Currently, surprisingly, an insider tip mixes among the bestsellers, who has actually appeared almost two years ago. What’s going on there?

Does Steam have a new darling?

The top of the Steam Topseller is still going to Elden Ring (if we leave the steam deck as hardware outside), but apparently the PC players just seem like have found a real insider tip from 2020 : Ring of Pain (Source: Steam).

The gloomy and slightly wound game is a Dungeon crawler with a card game system . You have to put various monsters and challenges in the word-oriented ring dungeon, because you will set the different creatures in the form of a card in front of the nose.

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You have to meet strategic decisions to survive – fight, sneak, flee – it’s up to you. Look at the lap-based Rogue-Lite here in the trailer:

Why is Ring of Pain now a top seller?

Since the end of March 2022, the Dungeon Crawler has been supplied with a fresh update since the end of March 2022. Ring of Pain certainly belongs to the real insider tips, because the game can 92 percent positive reviews write to the flag. Recent reviews are even 100 percent positive.

Why is it so successful right now? Ring of Pain is currently equipped with a strong discount of 50 percent on Steam and can thus be acquired for narrow 9.99 euros. That should surely stimulate for some purchases.

In addition, the game is just part of the Humble bundle “Stand with Ukraine” , which once again led to the popularity and discovery of the PC games. Incidentally, the bundle includes 124 games, does not even cost 40 euros and revenue will be 100 percent donated (at Humbere Games).

Also on YouTube Ring of Pain is played straight from some large content creators – all ahead of Handofblood. Not infrequently, the buy button glows on Steam when popular streamers and Youtuber gamble less well-known games on their channels.


Star of Bayern falls out

After there was still the all-clear on Saturday, the evil followed on Sunday: Kingsley Come lacks Bayern Münchernern in the home game against Bundesliga final light SPVGG Greuther Fürth. That gave the German record champion one hour before the kick-off of the game.

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Kingsley Come is missing with muscular problems, FC Bayern announced on Sunday that the hoped-for comeback of the French wingflitzer has smashed.

Coman last Wednesday at 1: 1 in the first leg of the second round of the Champions League against RB Salzburg get a blow to the calf. “We still do not know 100 percent, whether he can play on Sunday. Yesterday, the first mood was not quite as good, but I am still a friend of it, we still have enough time,” Coach Julian Nagelsmann announced after the comparison the royal class.

On Saturday, however, the all-clear followed. Coman and the previously pausing Serge Gnabry returned to the team training. Both completed “picture” and “sky” according to the entire unit.

Come lacked on Sunday, however, in the squad and also at Gnabry, there is obviously a risk against the Underdog from Fürth. The gaming arc shows the German international as a substitute man. Instead, Marcel Sabitzer is in the starting formation of FC Bayern.

FC Bayern vs. Greuther Fürth: Does it come to the duel of the brothers?

Jamal Musiala Platz takes place on the bank. The Youngster was last ill at the Corona virus, but was able to eat in time for the encounter against the game association.

Nagelsmann, however, relies on one or the other surprise anyway. On the back of the back Omar Richards starts only for the third time since his change to Munich last summer.

In the gameplay, it could also come to the brother duel. For Fürth, Timothy Tillman begins, his brother Malik sits opposite the bank. Timothy Tilman was changing from Bayern to Fürth in January 2020.