Nippon ICHI leaves for a night round in Yomawari 3

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Never two without three: at a time when everything becomes trilogy, Homeward will offer a third component and already confirmed for April 21 in Japan. The Vita relegated to retro rays, it is now on Switch and PS4 that is expected this new episode of a franchise that combines adventure and childhood fears.

At the time it is, we remain in the stadium of the teaser, with a semblance of official site and a small illustration, which highlights a small little girl illuminated in the alleys of a Japanese village, the original title Simply mean night round. Small peculiarity All the same: here it is equipped with a shoulder bridge, which suggests the possibility of taking clichés of ghosts and other malicious spirits that would disrupt its existence.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows • Collection Item Locations
But knowing the precedents episodes of the series, there is a good chance that the gameplay is always so ruthless for its heroin, with many rumble puzzles and innumerable ghosts hidden to climb its hole. For the curious, the first episodes of the saga are available on consoles and PC, with even a compilation available since 2018 on Switch.

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Homeward 3 — Announcement of the game