How do the guilds work in Sinoalice

In addition to a history mode with a lot of dark style of Yoko Taro, Sinhalese has a vast multiplayer component related to its guild system. Once you are in a guild, you can participate in the 15, 15 JC battles of the Colosseum, guild missions and other cooperative events.

How to reach a guild

You can only join a guild once you have finished Chapter 2: Verse 10. Once you have done this for any character, you will be able to access the guild menu by pressing the guild bar which is at the top of your screen when you are in one of them. (many) menus. From there, you will be able to create a guild, search for guilds and see all the guilds that openly recruit.

Each guild can have a maximum of 15 players at a time. Some recruiting guilds will automatically accept any candidacy as long as they have an opening, but others will ask you to wait for the approval of the guild master. There are several things to consider when you decide what is the guild that suits you.

Choose a guild

One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing or applying a guild is the hourly niche of the Colosseum of this guild. Each guild will have an hourly niche where it can participate in the PVP battles of the Colosseum. If the hourly niche of a guild does not match a time when you are usually available, you will not want to join this one — and they will not want you.

The guild will also often advertise to recruit players with a minimum level and specific types of work, so it’s worth looking for a guild that lacks what you can bring to the table, regardless of how you Have specialized your character.

Once you are in a guild, you can participate in the Colosseum’s battles with other members, as well as participate in cooperative events and missions. Beyond the pleasure of playing Sinhalese with friends, the guilds receive many bonuses to play together, like extra twilight crystals and gold.

SinOAlice: Guilds how they work/Alice Summons

Leave a guild

If a guild does not work for you, you can easily leave a guild. To do this, simply go to the list of members of your guild and tap your name. This will give you the opportunity to leave the guild. You can reach another guild immediately, but you will have to wait for the next day to participate in all the battles of the Colosseum.