Guild wars 2

Netmarble, A3: Steel Live Guild Content Siege Update

Netmarble (Representative Advanced Corp., Pojeon) said it was updated on the 8th that Mobile’s first Battle Royal MMORPG (Multi-LiGrow Role Game) ‘A3: Steel A3: Steel A3:

The siege is the guild that the guilds occupied the fortress are the guild, which competes with the ownership of the castle. Up to three guildes, such as one aqueous guild and two siege guilds, which defend the castle, and the guild, which occupies the throne until the end of the siege, will win. On the 17th, the first siege will be held at 10:00 pm and will be a depreciation.

This update has been added to the 11th grade cloak pattern, and the new Soul Predner Scor appeared. Solely layout slots have increased up to 11, and the maximum level of Shu Artifact has been expanded to 140, and the total of the 10th apostle was added. In addition, the nodes of the awakening skill have also been extended to enable more powerful growth.

A3: Still Alive Guilds

Netmarble prepared a variety of events and compensation to commemorate this update. <Achievement Events, Denu, which can earn a variety of missions given every day by May 1, to achieve a variety of missions daily, to obtain a variety of compensation, such as the flame of the hero instinct. During the same period, the sanctuary and apostolic events are also opened, such as the sanctuary and apostolic missions after completion of the sanctuary and the apostolic mission,

In addition, even if it is dedicated to the 21st, it will be held for 7 days for 7 days, the 7th day of the Single Spring and the 7th of the Single Solver, which can be drawn by the Blue Diamond, Rolling the dice acquired through the game content to achieve a variety of compensation.