Valorant Patch 4.08 Neon

Valorant-Patch 4.08 is finally here, and although we already knew a lot about the Nerfs from SOVA and the big change from Jetts (e) Tailwind, developer Riot Games in the Valorant Patchnotizen also granted the favorite speed of all space. Neon.

According to Riot, the goal of the Valorant Patch 4.08 neon change is “to make some changes to the quality of life to eliminate friction” if they play both as they play as well as they work with it. In the first place is a change to (e) high gear, which means that the speed restriction of the ability is removed and neon grants the ability to now slide sideways and forward, the only prerequisite is that it is already moving. However, the slide “, however, cannot be done during the equipment delay”, and the ability will consume more energy – ten per second instead of 6.7 per second.

Sliping neon now costs more energy, but the opportunity to win back, and more, has been increased. Keeping is now rewarded with a 100 percent refill of the Neon battery, compared to the 25 %previously offered. Time to go back to the Aim Lab, Nonnetz.


The other ability that is generally popular in this patch is (c) Fast Lane. Riot has removed the damage from her wall, which can be a nerf when it comes to preventing enemies from moving through them, but it is a high extent to be a buff for the team play because teammates no longer have to fear, harm to take away if you press a position. Rest in peace, double murder by Nikita ‘D3ffo’ Sudakov.

With some urgently needed adjustments that were made in the latest patch on a broad front, Riot continues his mission to improve the health of the game and to open up new opportunities for agents. Now we are just waiting for these Phoenix changes…