Pokemon Go: All Welcome to Alola Field Research Tasks and Rewards

The “Welcome to Alola” event is now live in Pokémon Go and players can complete a selection of field research tasks to get special rewards. The most desirable rewards for these quests are guaranteed encounters with a handful of new Alola-Pokémon, which give their debut in the Alola season of Pokémon Go. If you do not want to take a risk with the wild breeding of Alola’s season, field research is the right way to get to know the newcomers. Here are all field research tasks and rewards for the Welcome to Alola Event in Pokemon Go.

Welcome to the Alola field research tasks

During the event “Welcome to Alola”, there are only three events-specific field research tasks, and each of them is listed below with their rewards.

  • Start 7 Pokémon: 10 Poke Balls

* Use 7 berries to help when catching Pokémon: 7 Ultra Calves
* 1km on foot: Pikipek encounter

As you can see, these field research tasks are remarkably easy to do. Catching Pokémon and Berries use to catch Pokémon go hand in hand and go is a central component of the game. Getting Guaranteed Pikipek encounters ** is also a nice reward.

Encounters in field research

Completing field research tasks during the “Season of Alola” events can reward players with one of two encounters with Alola-Pokémon. These are the two Pokémon, which are to be gained during the one-week event.

  • Pikipek
  • Yungoos

Pikipek is already a guaranteed reward from the “ 1 km run ” field research task, so it seems as if Pokemon Go players in the first week of the season accumulate a whole collection of birds. That’s good, because you will need so much Pikipek candy as possible to develop Trummtabel and Tukanone . Pikipek can also be found in the wild for the entire season of Alola in the wild, so it should be easy to cover with sweets early in the season.

Yungoos seems to be the rarer of the two rewards just because it is no standard encounter, and that can annoy some players because Yungoos is one of the few new Alolan Pokémon, the can be shiny at the moment. Graduation Tasks of Field Research is a great way to find as many Yungoos as possible, which increases your chances of getting a shiny. Yungoos can also be found in the wild, so look for his iconic hairstyle and press the thumbs for a shiny.

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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