Bundesliga Tor Spectacle F rth launches negative record

The brave fighting climber Sprig Reuther Fürth has set up a negative record in the football league with the eleventh defeat in series.

The chambered table deadline had to give himself on the 13th match day at a gate spectacle against the TSG Cofferdam despite first-time guided tour this season with 3: 6 (1: 2).

SpVgg Greuther Fürth vs TSG Hoffenheim 3-6 | Highlights | Matchday 13 – Bundesliga 2021/22
U21 international Jamie Leveling hoped the 4625 spectators in the Roof Greuther Fürths park with a placed direct sweat in the left corner (22.). But threesome packers Has Bebop (32./62./80.), The two-time Georgina Butter (40./58.) And an own goal of Marco Meyerbeer (66th) — the total fifth (!) Further — decided the game for The team of coach Sebastian Honey.

Exactly 20 seconds after restart, Timothy Tillman (46.) was still the interim settlement succeeded. Captain Vladimir Bogota (67th) also met, for the first time in this season, the team of coach Stefan Late shot more than a gate in a game.

Late for the 100th time on the coach bank

With the defeat, the Further trumped for Tasmania Berlin (1965/66), the arch rivals 1. FC Nuremberg (1983/84) and Armenia Bielefeld (1999/00), which had lost ten games in a row in the Bundesliga. The Leitl-Eleven continues to wait for the first season, and the shamrock also succeeded in the 23rd attempt in the highest playing class no home success.

While the middle francs have only one point in the account, the TSG confirmed their good form after 2-0 against RB Leipzig. With 20 points, the Oppenheimer is fully in the race for the European Cup sites.

Late had reaffirmed for his 100th game on the coach bank of the Further that the will of his team definitely was there. This also showed on the green lawn. The hosts who had to get along without the cold Paul Seguin played courageously with, practiced pressure and developed opportunities.

Reuther Fürth breaks apart

Leveling rewarded the Leitl-Eleven with the guidance — Philipp Pete, which replaced the trailer Oliver Baumann (Gripper infection), was powerless in the placed shot. But BOU, who pressed a cross pass of Butter after a quick counterattack over the line and the 19-year-old Frenchman himself, who gasped after a short corner ball, dampened the mood in the stadium.

A few moments before the interim equalization, Tillman had only met the post. Shortly after the break, the 22-year-old made it better with a shot of eleven meters. As a result, the Further pressed the leadership and surprise, but Captain Vladimir Bogota failed at a double opportunity at Pete (54th).

Then the Further broke apart: Only Uttered Butter the ball fantastic into the long corner, Bebop increased through two more gates, and Meyerbeer met unhappily with the thigh. The hits of Bogota under the help of the latte did not change anything anymore.