Here, we have Japan Model of Life making a Marin de My Dress Cosplay in My Dress-Up Darling.

Japan model makes Marin’s cosplay of My Dress-Up Darling.
Anime that is taking a lot of popularity in the world through emissions.


The world of cosplay is truly great, since today there are many artists who make their own costumes to show their fanaticism for some particular anime franchise.
And precisely, the dress-up darling saga is taking a lot of strength, so the followers were not going to miss their taxes.
Thus, the cosplayer from Japan that is called Acarnania, shared on his Instagram account, an image where he is interpreting neither more nor less than Marin Kanagawa, one of the most beloved characters in that anime.

This has led fans to comment on how similar they are, either in the physical part, and of course, with the preparation of the suit.
This is the synopsis of my dress-up darling:

How Wakanda Goo finds in Marin, lover of cosplay and anime and unable to make his own costumes, the motivation not to give up and fight for his dreams, to be one day the successor of his grandfather as a doll manufacturer.
Twelve episodes were enough to hook the most faithful followers of this genre.
Remember that this series is available in anime format and manga.
Via: Instagram
Editor’s note: This type of costumes are already normal in the life of anime trends, so it has already become work for some people.
Personally I don’t know much about My Dress-Up Darling but looks interesting.

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