Explore all locations of Breezy Snapshots to unlock the weapon.


GENGHIS IMPACTED WINDBLOWN BREATH event of Windblown is now live, which allows players to unlock the highly anticipated Mailed Flower weapon for free.
As mentioned above, the event presents three different game sequences, one of which is Breezy Snapshots.
During this phase, players have the task of helping Lassen The Adventurer to make a photobook taking photos in Ronstadt.
Then, without further ado, here is a detailed breakdown of all Breezy’s snapshot locations in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock Breeze’s snapshots at the Genshin Impact Windblown event

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To access the Breezy Snapshots mini-game, players must complete the initial mission of the Windblown Breath series, A Gathering of Outlander.
After that, they must interact with an NPC called Lassen, which is outside Ronstadt, to start the challenge.
Once you have started the challenge, go to the Windblown breath section in the event menu and choose Breeze’s snapshots.
At this stage, three photo assignments will be presented to meet the objective of the event.

Breezy Snapshots Day 1 Locations

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On day 1, players must take three photos with certain goals to achieve rewards.

Photography objective No. 1

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Ronstadt City Gates is the first place where he must take photography with the following requirements:
The angle must cover 1 photo taking point.

  • Must include character
  • 08:00-17:00
    Once you reach the location marked above, you will find the bright point with a camera icon.
    Stand and equip the Camera device.
    In addition, make sure your character is visible in the photo and that the period of time is between 08:00 and 17:00.
    If you do not meet the specified time criteria, modify the game time accordingly.

2 Photography Objective

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The second place where you must take the photo is in front of the Ronstadt cathedral.


  • The angle must cover 1 photo taking point.
  • Must include character
  • The character must be from Ronstadt.
    The second photographic challenge requires taking a photo with a character who lives in Ronstadt.
    Some inhabitants of Ronstadt include Mikey, Bennett, Kaaba, Eula, Vent, Albedo, Disc, Mona and more.

3 Photography Objective

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The final location of the photograph of the day is the side door of the city of Ronstadt, right next to Lake Cider.
Be sure to meet the following requirements when taking the photo:
The angle must cover 1 photo taking point.
Must include character
Use an elementary ability when you take the photo
That is all you need to know about all Breezy’s snapshots locations in Genshin Impact.
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