will have to take a look at the feedback from the test audienceAquaman 2: Test Audience Reactions are Poor Ahead of Theatrical Release

A selected test audience has already been able to take a look at Aquaman 2.
However, the reactions were very bad.

Prior to the staged launch of Aquaman and also the Lost Kingdom in December 2023, individuals accountable of Warner Bros. presented the DC movie to an examination audience to collect initial reactions and also responses for the sequel with actor Jason Momoa.
According to the current records of several insiders, Aquaman 2 has obviously not well received at the unique presentations.
In a tweet by reporter Jeff Snider, the work of supervisor James Wan was even referred to as dreadful.

Last Aquaman appearance for Jason Momoa?

However, there are even worse reactions from the test testing.
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is said to be the worst DC film so far.
The quality of the sequel is evidently also liable for the fact that Jason Momoa will certainly no much longer get on the outfit of Arthur Curry after publication.
The 43-year-old will possibly additionally have a function as a superhero in the DC world in the future.
In the new DCU by James Gun.
A month back, reports concerning a superhero change from Jason Momoa made the round.


Accordingly, the star must no more appear as Aquaman, however as a logo in the brand-new DC Universe.
In the comics, the extraterrestrial bounty hunter celebrated his very first appearance in 1983.
Should MoMA really be a logo in the DCU, it needs to still take some time up until the launching on the huge display.
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What’s following with DC?

The starting shot of the new ECUS will only be taken in July 2025.
You can see Superman: Heritage in the cinemas.
By the way, there is no actor for Clark Kent’s part.

However, some DC films will certainly begin this year too.
These include Shazam!
Fury of Gods in March, The Flash in June, Blue Beetle in August and the Aquaman continuation in December 2023.
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