Valentines Day in GTA Online: Get the Broadway Muscle-Car, 3x Bonuses & More – Dont Miss Out!

Valentine’s Day in GTA Online: New Muscle-Car Classique Broadway, 3x bonuses in Until death separates us, new clothes and more.

Friendly Suggestion: Valentine’s Day looms.
This is also celebrated in GTA Online, and therefore you can make triple rewards in Up until Death separates us if you come together in pairs.
If you choose to desire interesting melee in bigger groups, you have to run in front of the shotgun.
In addition, a new hot sledge in the streets of Los Santos was spotted: the muscle automobile Plastique Broadway is now offered from Simmons Premium Deluxe Motorsport.
The highlights of the week:
New car: The Plastique Broadway
Free Downtown Cab Co.- Design for your taxi if you bring 50 guests to your destination in taxi work
The style Los Santos Lovers for totally free if you get the new Plastique Broadway up until February 15th
Free Valentine’s Day Clothes: The Valentine’s Day Blazer and the Weltschmerz fan for playing today
3x GTA $ and RP until death separates us
Free weapon: The Gutenberg lead sprayer
The weapon transporter deal of the week: the Gutenberg slide sprayer, the precision handgun, the sawn-off shotgun, the Rail gun, the widow maker (35 % discount rate for members at GTA+), the compact grenade launcher (30 % discount), Molotov cocktails, adhesive bombs,
Pipeline bombs, knives (consisting of the Trippe knife style for members at GTA+) and baseball bat (including the Trippe Baseball Lender design for members at GTA+).
New clothing: denim coats, truck caps, linen shoes and designer jeans.
Just on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S:.
Has Premium test automobile: The Sister Aston Custom.
The HSW time race of the week leads you from Pacific Bluffs to Mount Gordon.
Increased possibility of diamonds in the safe in the diamond gambling establishment robbery.
50 % more GTA $ and RP for telephone disk attacks.


  • 2x GTA $ and RP in the community series, this week with brand-new jobs:.
  • [K] Building Site from Kaizen-24-7.
  • Anjali Royale from i-Daswoelfchen-i.
  • Apocalypse from Voltaic.
    The Phantom Drain!
    From Derby_.
  • Castle Leading on Wildman.
  • Beach Bum von Andreww2012.
  • Exhibited at Premium Deluxe Motorsport: The brand new Plastique Broadway (Muscle-Car), the Albany Roosevelt Valor (timeless, 35 % discount), the Overflow Entity MT (Super Sports Car, 25 % Discount rate), the superiority Zion Classic (classic) and the.

Vapid Peyote Gasser (Muscle-Car, 35 % discount rate).
Shown at Luxury cars and trucks: the Debauchee JB 700W and the declare Mamba.
The rate vehicle of the week at LS Cars and truck Meet: Win a chasing race over two days in a row and get the Obey 8f Drafter.
Test vehicles in the LS Vehicle Meet: Emperor Secure, Vapid Boss ASP, Annie Remus.
The primary reward on the wheel of fortune: the Albany Roosevelt.
50 % discount rate on jackets and dresses from the Be my Valentine upgrade.
35 % discount rate on club and associated enhancements and modifications in addition to 50 % on slot machines.
Automobile discount: 35 % on the Albany Roosevelt Valor and the Vapid Peyote Gasser in addition to 25 % on the Overflow Entity MT.
Ongoing benefits of the month at GTA+: The Vapid Taxi Free, 2x GTA $ for taxi work, a free devices’ enhancement for the LSD laboratory, presents for the brand-new lunar year: The Yeti-Jahr-Jasen-T-Shirt and the NOH-Hasenmask.
, Free drinks at all bars and in all clubs in the city-and more.
Prime video gaming bonus offer: GTA-online gamer who combines their account in the Rockstar Games Social Club before February 23rd with Prime Video gaming, get $125,000 GTA $ and the mask Deeply painted for playing this week.
You can also find all info on the Rock star Newswire.

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