K. Rowling: Hogwarts Legacy: Buy Valuable Magic Plant Recipes from Ruta e Cicuta to Enhance Your Wizard in Combat!

The Ruta e Cicuta store offers magic plant recipes that can be used in combat.
There are some items in the store that are important to improve your wizard in combat and complete the Herbology teacher’s secondary quests

Hogwarts Legacy puts him in the magical world created by J.K.
Rowling and there you will see many known creatures.
In the game you need to purchase certain magic items and this involves plants, such as the famous mandrake.

And that’s where the Ruth and CICTA de Hogsmeade store enters, because that’s where you will find the best recipes for plantations.


The store is north of Hogsmeade, almost leaving the village.
There you will find seeds of magic plants, besides them ready for sale.
In all there are three very important combat plants for your gameplay and for the progress of secondary quests:
Chinese glutton-to-seed cabbage costs 600 galleons
Mandrakes the seed costs 800 galleons
Poisonous tentacles the seed costs 1050 galleons
You can (and even should) cultivate these three plants in the accurate room.
Even a Herbology teacher quest will ask you to use all three in combat, so make them prepared as soon as possible.
It is also possible to buy the ready-made plants, but their price is very approximately those of the seeds, so it wouldn’t be worth it.
Remembering that you will need a large plantation pot for mandrakes and poisonous tentacles.
Just buy in volumes and scrolls.

What do combat plants do?

Chinese glutton

Use it in combat for them to bite their opponents.
You can launch several and will cause a reasonable damage and distract.
They can be improved on the talent tab so that you use one and always throw another additional.


She screams and stun the enemies.
It is perfect for occasions when you are surrounded and is especially recommended if you still confuse your spell sets and are taking attacks on all sides.
It can also be improved in the talent tab.

Poisonous tentacles

They are static on the floor and throw a kind of poisonous acid into their opponents.
It is a good company in combat with a high number of opponents.


Its damage is greater than that of Chinese glutton.

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