Everything You Need to Know About Aesop Sharp, The Potions Teacher From Slytherin In Hogwarts Legacy

Potions teacher created for Hogwarts Legacy looks a lot like the famous Severo Snape and is also from Slytherin.
See everything we know about Aesop Sharp

To continue the sequence of texts of the characters of Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to talk about Aesop Sharp.
See everything we know so far about the potions’ teacher present in the new Harry Potter game.
For spending 100 years before J.K.’s original work.
Rowling, the game has few characters from books and movies.
Sharp takes the post of Potions Teacher, a famous role on account of the iconic Severe Shape.

Aesop Sharp: Presenting the Potions Teacher

  • House: Slytherin
  • Name: Aesop Sharp
  • Etymology: Aesop, a Greek writer.
    And Sharp, which means rough in English.
  • Possible family ties: Scarlet Sharp and Kitty Sharp (witches who died in the 1990s).

Personal History

The rude and highly perceptive professor Sharp had a long and successful career as an Aurora until an injury forced him to leave the field.
Not wanting to push a scroll at a ministry table, Sharp decided that it would be more useful to share with Hogwarts students their vast experience in battle potions.
Aesop Sharp is not easily impressed and does not want to waste time on fools, he is very proud of the students who stand out in his class, despite a difficult curriculum.
It is possible to imagine that the creation of the character had certain inspirations in Shape.

A kind of severe Shape of the 1890s?

The parallels with the Harry Potter universe are quite logical to trace.
We have Matilda Weasley, deputy director of Hogwarts, who has a similar behavior to that of McGonagall, for example.
Sharp and Shape also have similarities.
Of course, he will probably not be able to be as complex as severe in hiding heavy secrets and leading a kind of double life, but Sharp is really portrayed as someone who can’t stand fools.
Being from Slytherin, it is also possible that Aesop favors the students of the house while scolding others (especially Gryffindor).


As a reminder, as its name suggests, the Potions course allows you to learn to prepare elixirs and other magic potions.
Once the recipe is purchased, we can prepare it ourselves in the accurate room.
In Hogwarts Legacy, we can use them in combat, and we already know some of them: the Felix Felicia potion (exclusive to PS5) that makes it easy to find chests in the open world, the Wiggenweld potion that allows you to heal yourself or again the Euros potion that increases drastically to
Defense by covering the character with a stone skin.

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