Christian Streichs Tactics Thwarted By SC Freiburg Board Member Saier In Dortmund Defeat

The early dismissal made the SC Freiburg even more difficult to do so in Dortmund when it was anyway.
He also destroyed the tactical route, which Christian Streich had put on to win in Dortmund for the first time.
The one

After simply one point from ten video games in Dortmund, Stretch wished to get a threesome there for the first time.


In the end it was 5-1 for BVB, the sports club received the second remove defeat within two weeks after the 0: 6 at VFL Wolfsburg.
Some were bad, we have a lot of players who do not get what they can do, slammed Stretch, who, however, believes that there could have been a real fight without dismissal.

only two gamers for trick in typical form

In the around 75-minute outnumber after the yellow-red card versus Kilian Sildillia, Stretch’s team was not up to the BVB with a couple of exceptions.
The SC coach, who except two gamers from the basic criticism, grumbled that the battle habits is regrettable.
Lukas Ruler was good in a battle, praised Stretch, and ‘ Luck’ Hole combated back, even though he was alone in the center, he did extremely well.
Lucas Hole was outnumbered in 4-4-1, he vacated the midfield.
For this, Its Down and Daniel-Kofi Yeah had to withdraw into the midfield, who at first acted in the cutting edge, in the 3-5-2, which was uncommon for SC, without striker Michael Gregoritsch.

Safer explains initial concept versus BVB

With the list and order, we wished to attempt to enter into an excellent changing game to make compactness in midfield and the defensive, stated Stretch
The two little and nimble offending players Down and Yeah need to look for the one-on-one battles with the enormous central protectors, described SC Sports priority John Safer in the interview.
Not so right.

We weren’t great, if we dominated the ball, we had much too basic bad passes in midfield.

Christian Stretch.
Despite the dismissal and the inconvenience of the lack of proportionality in the choices of the referee group, the sports club did not do some things all right to endure in Dortmund, on the other hand Stretch said.
We weren’t good, if we dominated the ball, we had much too basic bad passes in midfield.
And in the 2-1 by Karim Adam, his team had too simple to boil.
It fell like the 3-1 of Sebastien Haller after a corner.
These 2 goals at the start of the 2nd half were the neck break, and then it was an opposite and a struggle with unequal weapons, that felt modest.

Safer had hope due to the fact that of the great home games

Really, after the draw versus Frankfurt (1-1) and the 3-1 win against Augsburg, the Freiburg had actually taken a trip optimistically into the Ruhr area, since we currently had the feeling that we remain in good condition and likewise appeared extremely stable in the house, according to the sports director.
In the home video games, the team revealed Extreme battle, grip and options with the ball, which they would have needed at BVB to survive there.
In combination with the yellow-red card for the trainer, according to Safer for the SC in Dortmund, it was a tough serve, which is now followed by another away video game, in the DFB Cup round of the round of the responsibilities at the 2nd department club SV Tannhauser (18.
Clock, live! At ).
For Stretch, which, in contrast to the next Bundesliga video game against VfB Stuttgart, is on the sidelines, this is a totally essential game for us that the team must reveal stability and fight versus this unfavorable circumstance away.

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