What If Luke Skywalker Was The First To Discover Darth Sidious: A Krasse Star Wars Theory

What if Imperator Palpatine as Darth Sidious had come before his student Darth Vader and Luke was the first to discover?


Would be,… bicycle chain, this philosophy of the football thinker Other Matthews can likewise be used wonderfully to a far, far-off galaxy.
Due to the fact that the events in the numerous episodes, spin-offs and series on Disney Plus invite you to hypothesize.
What if Han Solo had shot first?
Would it be if the empire had subjected all the storm cannon fodders to a shooting and target workout?
What if the heroes had let the eagles fly straight to the Death Mountain?
Hold,… incorrect franchise!

Star Wars theory: Would Obi-Wan have protected the young Luke from the imperator?

If Imperator Palatine as Darth Serious had tracked down young Luke Skywalker in front of Darth Vader, an intriguing fan theory deals with the idea of what would have occurred.
The timeless trilogy consists of the Twist that the glowing, almost innocent hero Luke Skywalker is actually among the most renowned bad guys in Hollywood’s history.
At that time there was no web, however this unexpected turn of events was spoiled by a certain Homer J. Simpson.
At the most recent because the gripping Disney Plus series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi fans have questioned what would have been if the imperator Palatine had tracked down the young Luke in front of Darth Vader.
As a crucial viewer or a critical viewer, you may always have actually asked yourself how logical it is to conceal the son Anakin Sky walkers on his home world in his half-siblings and simply surround yourself by Obi-Wan Kenobi into Ben Ken obi in
The hope that the empire will conclude as lousy as it shoots.
However certainly it worked.

Star Wars theory: Luke Skywalker as Sith

Among the interesting story details in Star Wars has constantly been the double game, which Lord Vader drove.
On the one hand, apparently loyal to the imperator and yet not being able to deny love for his child.
The Disney Plus series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi delivers another element: Vader’s hate on his former Jedi master, who prompted him to get over the directions of Palatines early.
His selfish intentions are rather easy to understand.
One can confidently assume that Palatine would have quickly seduced the young hatch to the dark side of power and at the exact same time Darth Vader, the crippled, from his paternal feelings of leading wannabe Sith.
The battle in between father and kid in the face of the imperator in the return of the Jedi Knights.
Luke attempts to convert his daddy, Vader attempts to persuade his child for a common reign.

And the imperator buffoons both by asking Luke to stretch him, just to damage the last Jedi in front of his father the next moment.
Thankfully, Darth stepped in and conserved his child, in which he got the imperator on the sleeping nation and promoted to the depths of the death star.
Rather of becoming a mighty Sith, Luke Skywalker lastly ended on a lonesome island as a blue milk.
Would be… bike chain!
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