How to Unlock VoIchat On Your PS5 And Start Talking With Friends In An Instant

Today there is an update for the PS5, which unlocks the language chat on the console.
You can unlock this in a few steps.

Today there is an upgrade for the PS5, which opens the language chat on the console.
In a few actions you can trigger the function on your PS5.
Numerous gamers have been waiting for this: With the next upgrade you can finally utilize Discord’s Voice on your PS5.
There is still a small restriction.
As of today, all PS5 beta participants can install the update on the PS5 and after that utilize the function.
In the coming days, nevertheless, the function should be activated for everyone.

We describe to you how you need to proceed.

Discord Voight use on the PS5-this is how it works

Unlock beta upgrade: In order to take part in the beta test of the discord language assistance for the PS5, you will receive an email with a code that opens you access to the beta software.
After utilizing the code, the PS5 will bring out a software update.
Link PSN and Discord: First you need to connect your PSN account with Discord.
For this you proceed as follows:
You go to your PS5 under Settings > User and Accounts > Connected Solutions
Here you can connect your discord account.
You then confirm the link either in the internet browser of your PS5 or through QR code.
Sony himself advises the QR code.
If you had actually currently connected a PlayStation Network account with Discord in the past, then you have to take this step again to offer the required consents for the Discord language chat.
Use language chat on PS5:
If you begin discord on your cell phone or on your PC, then there should be a new alternative, called Join on PlayStation.
Then you can select the console to which you wish to move the Discord language chat conversation.


  • On the console you can then utilize all known Discord controls.
    For example, mute colleagues or alter their own volume.
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