Xbox Series X And S Prices Are Going Up: Heres What You Need To Know

It’s official!
Both the Xbox Series X, and the S series, will increase in price in one of the most important markets in the world.
Where and how much?

Last year, the price of the Xbox Series X | s increased in India.
Although at the time there was no talk of another region, today it has been announced that these new generation consoles will be more expensive in Japan, a market where the company has always had problems to obtain a large audience.
Through a new statement shared by Fujitsu, it has been revealed that as of February 17, 2023, the Xbox Series X | S will have an increase of ¥5 thousand yen.
In this way, the series X will go from ¥54,978 yen, to ¥59,978 yen, and the series s will stop costing ¥32,278 yen, for now worth ¥37,978 yen.


This was what Microsoft Japan said about it:

After carefully evaluating the market condition in Japan, we have decided to change the suggested retail price of Xbox consoles in the country.
We regularly evaluate the impact of local prices to maintain a reasonable consistency in all regions.
This price review affects our clients and was a difficult decision to make, but in the future we will continue to provide the best Xbox experience that our clients expect.
As you surely know, inflation has caused the price of consoles and games to increase throughout the world.
Notably, the PS5 is now more expensive in multiple regions, including Mexico.
At the moment it is unknown if the Xbox Series X | S will have a similar increase in other regions.
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Similarly, Xbox wants to know if users will continue to play infinite halo.

Editor’s note:
Although the increase cannot be seen as something very large for Xbox, especially considering the region, this could be the beginning of a global increase.
We only have to wait and see how this market will react to this price change.

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