Borussia Dortmund Secures Third Victory in a Row: Leverkusen 0-2 BVB

Borussia Dortmund used the favor of the hour and is back on the back of series master FC Bayern Munich: Due to the 2-0 (1-0) at Bayer Leverkusen, BVB celebrated the third win in the third game of 2023 and moved up to three points

Borussia Dortmund utilized the favor of the hour and is back on the back of series master FC Bayern Munich: Due to the 2-0 (1-0) at Bayer Leverkusen, BVB commemorated the 3rd win in the third video game of 2023 and moved up to 3 points
the Munich.
Considering that Bayern has actually only played 1-1 this year, Russia made 6 points on the permanent competitor in an English week and is presently 4th.
The BVB remained in the lead through the very first Bundesliga objective of national player Karim Adam (33rd) Sébastien Haller had actually left the ball through the starting eleven launching after his testicular cancer.
An own objective of Edmond Tapioca (53.) Secured the Dortmund victory in the battle, which coach Edwin Eric had actually explained uncommonly clearly in advance.

Bayer’s catch-up was stopped after five wins in a row.
Due to the first house defeat under coach ABI Alonso, a safe European Cup place is now eight points away.
At BVB, Haller had replaced Damage for the national group of the Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup certification versus Zambia (3: 1)- the weak Youssef Mouton in the beginning eleven in his very first competitive video game.


Marco Reus was sitting on the bench until 85 before providing his comeback after almost 3 months.

BVB duo remarkably not in the team

Mo Aloud and Th organ Risk did not make it into the team, who, according to a report by the WAS, will change to PSV Eindhoven.
In the Bayer middle field, Alonso constructed additional defense in the Argentine world champ Ezequiel Palacios.
As so typically in the direct duel, both groups began to be strongly lined up, with Bayer initially setting more accents.
In the 5th minute, some Leverkusen fans cheered a little quickly, however Nadeem Amir’s shot after a strong ball overheated against Eyre Can have only touched the outside network.
The BVB became stronger afterwards, the hosts also had the next huge opportunity, however Gregor Nobel parried a shot from Mousse Diary according to the good template by Florian With Gut (16th).
Julian Person made a couple of breakthroughs with Jamie Crimping and Diary about Bayer, the BVB Haller was not used for a long time.
Even without the ball contact, the Scorer then played an important role in the leadership when a cross of the Leverkusen Julian Brandt had a strong effect on Adam.
After the change, a lot was duplicated: In the beginning Diary failed once again on Nobel (48th), then Dortmund reunited after a cross.
This time everyone missed Dortmund, but Tapioca crashed into the ball versus the shin and from there he flew into the goal for Lukas Radetzky.
Curious: The BVB led 2-0, although the data initially recorded a shot on the goal.
After an hour Haller went off the field, but it didn’t come Mouton, but Anthony Modest.
In the 70th minute, Crimping avoided a 2nd own goal of Tapioca when he hit the ball from the line.

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