Blizzard Entertainment: Creative center Chris Metzen returns. The return of a legend: Chris Metzen, former Creative Director for World

The return of a legend: Chris Metzen, former Creative Director for World of Warcraft, celebrates his comeback at … after leaving a few years ago


One of the most influential figures in gaming has returned to the studio where he was instrumental in developing some of the most beloved games in history.

The return of a legend: Chris Met zen, previous Creative Director for World of Warcraft, is celebrating his resurgence at Blizzard Entertainment a few years back.

John High, General Supervisor of the Warcraft franchise in the California Group, proudly announced this.

Met zen has become part of the initial group of development for decades and was considered an innovative head office who are responsible for a big part of the history and the World Structure of the Warcraft video games.

Chris Met zen celebrates return at Blizzard in a new function

In the meantime, the news is popular extensively in the community.
At Reddit, the favorable remarks of the fans reverse and you more than happy to be able to welcome Chris Met zen after 6 long years at Blizzard and especially on the planet of Warcraft.
Nevertheless, since Met zen’s location of application is to be broadened with time, it is quite possible that in the future it could likewise assist on the new Survival video game of Blizzard.

In addition to his work as an imaginative designer, Met zen took on a few more interesting jobs at Blizzard.
He always provided the latest material for World of Warcraft at the yearly Blazon throughout the opening ceremony.
In addition, he lends different iconic blizzard characters, for instance the previous head of the Crowd, Thrall, however likewise the final opponent of the melted core, fire prince Ragnarok, his voice in the initial English version.

After the lots of setbacks that Blizzard Entertainment had to take, especially in the recent past, the news about Met zen’s return is like a bright spot.
In 2016, for personal factors, he resigned in the business after more than 23 years and devoted himself totally to his household.
Before that, he not just wrote the background stories of the Warcraft games, however also that of Star craft or Diablo.
In the future, Met zen will function as an imaginative specialist in the Warcraft management team who will initially focus on World of Warcraft.

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