5 Valuable Tips To Help You Protect Your Tools and Weapons

In the end, both your tools and weapons will break from prolonged use.
In Valheim.
When your tools will break, do you need?

In the end, both your tools and weapons will break from prolonged use.
In Latham.
When your tools break, you will need to fix them.

However, repairing tools is not entirely understandable process if you are a beginner in Latham and its numerous functions.
Our guide will explain all the steps necessary for the repair of your tools and other objects in Latham.

How to repair tools and weapons in Latham

To fix the tools and weapons in Latham, you will need a workbench that you can make from ten boards.
After the workbench is built, you can fix all the items using the hammer icon to the left of the Creation tab on the workbench.
Make sure that the elements you want to repair are in your inventory before pressing the button to restore.
You do not need your items to be on a fast access panel before you can fix them.
Repair of items also does not stand resource, that you can repair anything in your inventory for free if you have a workbench with a roof over it.
There is no roof over your workbench, the game will give out a text pop-up window.
Speaking a workbench requires a roof.
We recommend that you place your workbench in a safe place inside your base and build a roof above it.
If you need to repair in the field, it is best to build a small design with walls and a roof for repairing the main objects.
You will not be able to repair all your items at once, since some types of items require a workbench of a certain level that you can get by improving your workbench.
For other items, you will need to make a forge or certain designs for craft before you can fix the appropriate items.

How to repair bronze, iron and high-level objects in Latham

As soon as you advance on craft levels in Latham, any objects that you make from bronze, iron and other levels cannot be repaired on a workbench.
Instead, you will have to repair them in a forge or in the structure in which you initially created an object.
Fortunately, if you have bronze or iron objects, you probably already have a forge.
For those who do not have a forge, you can create it using resources below:
Four stones
Four coal
Ten wooden
Six copper ingots
To find out more about Latham, we at the PGG provided you with a constantly expanding list of manuals, such as how to make a workbench and how to make a workbench.


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