LOL: Champion with more bugs corrected so far has had more than 55 problems repaired

Looking at the history of League of Legends updates, Shaco had over 55 bugs corrected throughout the game’s history.
This list is constantly updated, because with each patch, new corrections and failures appear

League of Legends has a huge diversity in terms of champions, as in the bug section. With each patch Riot Games solves errors with certain mechanics of them, but from time to time, new problems often come up with several interactions that happen with champions or items.

It is true that many new champions who come to the game come with several bugs, especially Diego, but the champions with more bugs have also been in this MOB’s official servers for many months and years. At the time of Need’s deactivation, we went after knowing which champions Riot had to correct.

Shack, The King of the Boxes… and the bugs

Searching Wikis and various sites specialized on this subject, we can get this type of information. The champion with the most bugs corrected by Riot is Shack, with a total of 55. In these positions of honor we also find Yahoo, with 53, and Rena and Sion with 49 corrections.


One of the recent champions enters this list: Silas. It is noteworthy that the mechanics of this champion is unique and being able to steal the ultimate of the rest of the characters makes him a champion who can have many bugs within the server himself, with 38.

The overall average is between 10 and 20 bugs per character, although it is true that many of these bugs are due to an interaction with another champion, item or element, as rear does with mechanics in shrubs and their passive. Some champions, such as Civil, have only two bug corrections, but this is because the bug accountant is zeroed every time a champion receives an intermediate rework or update, also called Mini Rework.

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