Riot and Ubisoft come together in project against toxicity in games

Game developers perform joint project to reduce toxicity and harmful behaviors in matches using voice communication

Developers Ubisoft and Riot Games announced, on Wednesday (16), a new project that seeks to reduce negative interactions in matches that need voice communication.

The Zero Harm In Comms project makes use of artificial intelligence technology to share data from both companies games with each other.

As a result, research to find players with prejudiced or negative behaviors is improved, and the titles of both developers can benefit from the ‘spreadsheet’.


Companies are part of the Fair Play Alliance initiative, which aims at a more conducive environment for safe competitive experiences for all users.

Yves Acquire, executive director of Ubisoft, commented that the union of game developers can expedite the negative behaviors’ banishment process: Through this technological partnership with Riot Games, we will explore better measures to avoid toxicity in the games, as we are The developers of these environments with a direct connection with our communities, he said.

Developers believe that, with the union, the database created with players from their titles will reach all kinds of the most competitive player to the most casual.

This project is just an example of our commitment and greater work we are doing to develop Riot systems that create healthier, safe and inclusive interactions in our games, said Wesley Kerr, Riot Games technology research leader.

The initiative is still in the early stages, and the first results of the experiment are expected to be released in 2023.

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