Flints new work, Be Star 2: Bethas Knights G -Star 2022 The 2nd Exhibition Hall

[Provided by Data: Flint] -Flint, BTC 2nd Exhibition Hall’s largest (100 booth) -The first,
-The new work

-Flint, BTC 2nd Exhibition Hall is the largest (100 booths)

I will show you the first new work .

-The new work PC, mobile experience space and various enjoyment

Flint said today that the belt scroll action MORPH will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-Star 2022’, which will be held from 17th to 20th.

Flint, which is the first to play in G-Star, will set up a 100 booth BTC exhibition space for the general visitors, and will be the first to introduce the new work for the first time.

Flint plans to operate a PC and mobile demonstration space, respectively, so that visitors can focus on in a comfortable environment. Inside the booth, there will be a photo zone with the worldview of , and the instant photo Life Cut will be prepared to make visitors leaving pleasant memories.

In addition, influencers such as ‘Kim Sung-hoe’, ‘On’, ‘Namdo-hyung’, and ‘Sony Show’ will be together on the stage, and in addition to the demonstration and confrontation of Various stage programs and events, including interviews, will be held.

All visitors who visited the flint booth will receive a mask and shopping bag printed with the characters of , and a limited edition goods containing beautiful character illustrations through various booth events and on-site events will also be received through various booth events and field events. Can.

Meanwhile, is the start of the official numbering that inherits the previous story , And the graphics and immersion drawn on the dark medieval European fantasy background with a belt scroll action MORPH on the dark medieval European fantasy background It is a new work that is working with each game element, including the story, the sound of the sound, and the full voice of the best voice actors.

Kim Young-mo, who is in charge of development, said, I am pleased to introduce through G-Star. I hope you will experience the , which is preparing for your heart, and feel as if you are watching a movie.

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