MLB9 Innings GM, 2022 MLB roster update

MLB 9 Innings GM (GM), a global baseball management game serviced by Com2uS (CEO Song Jae -jun and Lee Joo -hwan), has updated the 2022 MLB Regular Season.
Com2us is the world’s best baseball stage May ??

MLB 9 Innings GM (GM), a global baseball management game serviced by Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-won and Lee Johan), has updated the 2022 MLB Regular Season.

Comes has allowed the world’s best baseball stage major leagues to enter the autumn baseball, allowing them to meet the big loggers who have been active during the regular season.

Through this roster update, the actual results of all regular league games, which were played by 30 MLB teams this season, were completely reflected in the game, and about 1,000 players based on objective record data were added. In addition to the athletes, the core players of the team’s power composition such as normal, special, and monsters have appeared in all contents in the game, and new adult players, one of the best cards in the game with high stats and scarcity, have been introduced.

Through this, ‘MLB 9 Innings GM’ users will be able to build more powerful team power by recruiting players who have shined MLB this season, and various changes in the lineup will be able to feel the fun of new clubs.

In addition, convenience updates were also made for the fast game adaptation of new users. The main screen was reorganized to enhance intuition and provide an optimized play environment, and the ‘guide mission’, which allows you to enjoy play with various missions given in the game, has also increased user access by adjusting difficulty. The tutorial will also apply new shortcuts to support easy and easy gameplay.

On the other hand, ‘MLB 9 Innings GM’ is a baseball management game where users become manager and general manager of the world’s best baseball stage MLB team, managing and operating everything in the club from recruiting athletes, training and progress. The official license agreement with the Major League Players Association (MLB) features the latest players’ information and images of 30 clubs as well as the club logo.

More information can be found through the official ‘MLB9 Innings GM’ official cafĂ©.

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