New spin-offs canceled Zelda arises

The Legend of Zelda Tactics?
Another spin-off canceled by Retro Studios is revealed.
Here all the details about it.

The Legend of Zelda is over 30 years in this market. From the 80s we have seen different deliveries in the series. However, during this time several projects related to this property have also been carried out that, unfortunately, never came to see daylight. Although Nintendo wishes to keep all the canceled projects secret, recently a title was released by Retro Studios that was going to arrive at the Nintendo DS.

Recently, Didyouknowgaming? He shared a new video about the canceled projects of The Legend of Zelda. Here is mentioned by heroes of Rule, a title that Retro Studios had planned to develop for the Nintendo DS. This installment was going to be a spin-off starring a character named Lori , who had an ancient book that was used to seal Canon in the past.

This delivery was going to be divided into two specific sections. Two thirds of the title were going to develop traditionally, that is, an exploration game, with secondary missions and mini-games. The other part was going to take us to the past, introducing us to a Gordon, an Orin and a Zora. The interesting thing, is that the gameplay of this section was going to be a tactical game, similar to Final Fantasy tactics .

As you surely remember, This is not the first project of this style that has been canceled , since recently it was also announced that a spin-off focused on Sheik, also in charge of Retro Studios, was in development. Unfortunately, it seems that none of these projects will see daylight in the future.

In related issues, here you can learn more about Sheik’s spin-off. Similarly, here we tell you why this title was canceled.

Editor note :

Although Zelda’s spin-offs have been interested in recent years, with Rule Warriors: Age of Calamity Being a clear example, Retro Studios projects sounded quite interesting, and I hope that a future Nintendo to reconsider the value of these projects, And make them come true.

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