Sukueni Life RPG Harvestella new information is released. A variety of information, such as the flow of the day, the place to adventure, and pets that can be bred, are revealed

Square Enix released a new information on the life simulation RPG Harvestella on August 26.

Harvester is a life simulation RPG where you can enjoy life, exchange and adventure in a fantasy world that color the four seasons. On a planet with four huge crystals called Seas Light, you can enjoy fishing and cooking, such as fishing and cooking, with the benefits of the four seasons. However, someday, the seed lights occur, the crops withered at the turn of the season, and the death season will occur, where people cannot walk outside. The protagonist is a villager who had gone to a remote village on a certain death season. While living a self-sufficient life, it is a rough story of this work to solve the mystery of the death season and solve the truth of the world’s formation and death season.

What was released this time is information about the autumn location Late’s Village. It is a village close to the place where the protagonist went down at the beginning of the story and was helped by a doctor called Cress. At the beginning of the story, something like a meteorite will fly to the north of Late Village, and it will rescue the injured demons found in it. In the world of Harvestella, the demons are said to be abominable and abominable by humans. While watching the condition of such a demon’s injury, the hero’s life starts.

A certain cycle is repeated in the hero’s life. After waking up in a bed at home in the morning, you can spend your time freely, such as field work and adventure, but if you act for a while you will be drowsy and will be restricted. At night, he seems to have to sleep at home and live a regular life.

The village of Late is near the Seedslight in the fall, near the Okami Hill based on the protagonist. Although it is a location in the fall, it is a village with four seasons, located at a reasonable distance from other seed lights. There are some special products such as Lantern Pumpkin and Himikuri, and it seems that you can enjoy farming and cooking unique to each season. In the village, there are stores such as general stores, blacksmiths, and renovation shops, and items that are useful for adventures and life are available.

On the way from the village of Late to the autumn seed light, there is also a location called Higan Valley, which features bright red leaves. This place is also involved in the story, and we will pursue the girl who headed to the seed light and aim for the end of the valley. In the Higan Valley, he seems to meet Diansus, a demon wearing armor, and will act together.

The information newly released on the adventure is the Job Assault Savan. Assault Savin is a job that uses science power, and can switch the attributes and effects of normal attacks depending on the skills. In addition, as a new battle system, Break Gauge and Special Move have been released. There are four types of weakness attributes in strong enemies such as bosses, and a break gauge accumulates by attacking with that attribute. When the break gauge accumulates, the damage caused by the brake gauge increases, and it is possible to activate the special move during the battle. Actively attack with weaknesses and do great damage to the enemy.

Several new information on life has been released. A letter arrives at the post in the home area on the Okami Hill, and it seems that gifts from the mayor and thanks from the residents who helped. Check it out regularly, as the letter may start to start.

In your home area, you can breed pets and livestock. Pet’s Totokaku is an excellent buddy who can quickly move the world map by riding. Totokaku seems to learn new skills by giving feeding and strengthening and raising the level. In addition, by installing a livestock hut, omdori and Meche can be bred. By raising, you can get eggs and milk, and the range of dishes seems to be expanding.

Harvester will be released for 7680 yen (tax included) for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The release date of the Nintendo Switch version is scheduled for November 4, and the PC (Steam) version will be released on November 5.

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