Nexon recruits participants in Project MOD -based content development support program

[Source: Nexon] -The program supporting the Project MOD content production program for developers -up to 10 million won for development support
The total prize money for excellent works totals W24bn -Application for participation by June 30th

-The program for developers’ project MOD content production is held

-Provides up to 10 million won for development support… The total prize money for excellent works totals KRW 240 million

-Application for participation by June 30th, pre-online briefing session on the 17th of this month

We are looking for a developer who will produce fresh content around the world using Maple Story Asset to create novel content around the world.

Nexon announced today that it will hold ‘Developer Wings 2022′ (hereinafter referred to as Wings 2022), which supports content development and production to developers in its contents production and service platform ‘Project MOD’.

‘Wings 2022’ is a partnership program that allows potential developers to create a variety of contents by using the production tools provided by the Project MOD. Developers who have developed and launched the content while participating in the Wings 2022 and performing the tasks given to the period can receive up to 10 million won for development support.

Nexon will receive applications for domestic developers (individuals, teams, and corporate units) by 30th. On June 17, the ‘WINGS 2022’ online preliminary session will be held in the form of live broadcasting, and the final participants will be selected after the documents and planning PT reviews. Overseas developers will receive a separate schedule.

In addition, during the Wings 2022 event, participating developers will be able to produce the content more smoothly, and will showcode, developer centers, and forums to communicate with live broadcasting and project MOD developers. After the end of the program, we will select excellent works among the world released, and pay an additional prize of 240 million won.

Nexon co-operates the WINGS 2022 program based on the Korea Mobile Game Association. The two companies plan to cooperate all over the operation so that high-quality content in the project MOD platform can be released during this period.

On the other hand, ‘Project MOD’ is a next-generation content production platform that can utilize the vast asset and UGC of its popular IP ‘Maple Story’. It is possible to produce content across PCs and mobile devices. Nexon will introduce the project MOD to the global market, including Korea.


For more information on ‘Wings 2022’ and ‘Project MOD’ , please visit the official site.

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