Domestic survival horror BRUTAL JAPAN

On June 11, domestic developer 838S Maniacs has officially announced survival horror Brutal Japan | Bizarre Japan . The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and early access distribution is scheduled on June 25.

BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is a survival horror set in modern Japan. It will be deployed in about 3 episodes of the episode selection type of omnibus, and only Episode 1 will be able to play at the time of early access distribution. The protagonist of Episode 1 is a company employee. He is in a poorly security area in Tokyo. One day, the protagonist locks his car on the way home from the company and is looking for it midnight. As he searches for the key, he suddenly feels the signs of people from the construction site at night. When he looks inside, he says that unexpected development is waiting.

It is said that ghosts and psychic people do not appear in this work. Players are likely to survive as a general Japanese, using various actions, such as attacking, escaping, hiding, and examining them. From the published trailers, there are scenes that hide themselves indoors and hide themselves from someone wandering outside. In addition, flashlights, shovels, umbrellas, beer bottles, etc. will appear as items, and it seems that they will proceed using familiar items. Automatic save is implemented in this work. It is easy to set easy, normal, and hardware, so even users who are not good at action games can easily play.

The play time is assumed to be about 10 to 30 minutes per episode. It is a multi-ending method that changes the ending depending on the behavior of the player, and there are three types of Episode 1 ending. In addition, the aspect ratio of 4: 3 is used as a characteristic of the graphic, and it has a VHS-style effect, creating an old-fashioned texture.

The reason for distributing this work early is to get feedback from users about the expression of the game and the game system. In particular, the expression in the work is that he wants to challenge the Gro Gore expression and sophisticated. It is said that the content warning of this work includes violence and bloodshed descriptions, and also includes the expression of animal abuse and dead bodies.

The development of BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is the domestic developer 838S Maniacs. As a past work, in 2021, the survival horror Alice | Airi was released for Nintendo Switch. In 2022, a PC version was released for Steam. In BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan, it seems to aim for a more sophisticated survival horror work in early access distribution, taking into account these development experience.

BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is scheduled to be distributed early on the PC on June 25 at Steam.

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