Acwires I want you to be revived hashtag, hijacked. Acquire doesnt matter

On June 5, a domestic game company, Acwire Game Show, broadcast the information program Acwire Game Show. In the program, it was a content that conveyed the new announcement, looking back on the company, and future prospects. During the broadcast, a project to promote hashtag tweets was implemented on Twitter. However, because of the common hashtags, it seems that tweets that have nothing to do with Acwire have become overwhelmed.

Acwire called for a post was a hashtag called #I want you to be revived. If you follow the conditions such as follow-up of the official account or RT, and post with the same hashtag, you will get 10,000 yen for Amazon gift vouchers. In the announcement tweet, he commented, If everyone’s voice gathers, the circumstances of adults can break through! As a context, it would have been intended to post a game that I wanted to revive in the past work of Acwire.

However, this hashtag quickly left Acwire’s hand. The users have begun to post titles that are unrelated to Acwire under the hashtags of #I want you to revive. Immediately after the hashtag announcement, a tweet on the aqueous work was also scattered. However, the situation turned over at night. From 11:00 to 14:00 on June 6, about 2500 tweets were acquired and analyzed, and there were about 100 mentions on the title of Aqua. In other words, despite the tags that Acwire deployed, everyone is not talking about Acwire.


That said, this phenomenon happened to happen. It is difficult to grasp the context of hashtag. Unless you know the former tweet of Acwire, users who have posted #Resurrection games will not think that it is limited to Acwire. As a result, the users have posted the games they want to be revived. This phenomenon may not have happened if the hashtags, including context, such as #I want you to be revived. It is a walk of the hashtag that happened to happen.

From 11:00 to 14:00 on the 6th, the popularity of #I want you to be revived is estimated from the tweet data. The name of Rockman Exe and Rockman DASH was about 100, especially noticeable. As a work that is often resurrected, the number of votes in the Armored Core series has a large number of votes. In addition, titles such as Kirby’s Air Ride, Sarugecu, Breath of Fire, and Onimusha are scattered. Acwire’s project triggered the opportunity for many users to say hidden hope. The #I want you to be revived has a trend, and everyone tweeted with a wish like a half-festival. It is probably thanks to Acwire that this opportunity was obtained. Let’s all think about the Acwire game work that we want to be revived.

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