PS4: Everyone transforms their console to see a covert detail

Easter Eggs are constantly concealed in films and computer game.
These are typically only little details and also Sony likewise has the.

Easter Eggs are constantly hidden in films and computer game. It is frequently only tiny information and also Sony additionally hid a little something on PlayStation 4. Once you transform your console, you can discover this.

PlayStation 4: These feet are cute

Most of you recognize that. You purchase a console, unload it and also put them in the put place to dive right into the following best video game asap. Rarely you transform your console and check out the floor-with the PlayStation 4 you need to do that, due to the fact that possibly you have the console version with the special feet in the house.

PlayStation 4: The console is currently head

Yet PlayStation 4 is not the only console on which the signs conceal. The legendary indications also conceal on the virtual reality glasses and Additionally on the devices of PlayStation 5, you can locate out – both on the controller as well as on the electronic camera and the headset, the little key icons appear.

While numerous gamers are passionate about the brand-new exploration, some followers assert that they saw this detail years earlier.

Twitter user Liquodar obtained the stone rolling, which uncovered, that the feet of his PlayStation 4 contain the legendary indicators triangles, x, circle as well as square . It is evidently the SLIM version, but other models, such as the PS4 Pro, often have this surprise information.

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If so, which design do you have? Have you currently discovered various other unique features on your gaming consoles or tools?

It is usually just small details and Sony also concealed a little something on PlayStation 4. You can discover this when you transform your console.

Hardly ever you turn your console and also look at the floor-with the PlayStation 4 you need to do that, since maybe you have the console design with the special feet at home.

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