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Marvel Champions card game could add x

A list of next events in GEN with may have leaked some next plans for Marvel Champions: the card game.
Fantasy Flight Games has

A list of next events in GEN with may have leaked some next plans for marvel Champions: The card game. Fantasy Flight Games has listed several events for “Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis” on the official Gen event page with. Events are for a _ champions of wonder_ game session, so it is supposed to be for an upcoming wonders of expansion product, probably a campaign box that will start a cycle of new card releases. No other details about the events were listed.

Marvel Champions: The card game is a “living card game” published by Fantasy Flight Games. Unlike collectible card games, players receive specific card collections with each purchase, so there are no lower letters to follow. In Marvel champions: the card game, _ players build a hero deck built around a specific hero and one of the four aspects (each of which emphasizes a different game style). Then, players use that deck to complete scenarios that involve one or more supervillains. _ Wonderful champions can be played as an individual or cooperative game, with individual scenarios and an available campaign mode.

While _ champions of wonder_ he is about to enter his fourth year (the card game was launched in autumn of 2019), the X-Men have not made a formal appearance in the game outside the occasional card art work. If “Mutant Genesis” is in fact a complete campaign box, it will probably include two X-Men heroes and the following months will add additional X-men through Hero Deck’s releases.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game (NL)
Currently, _ champions of wonder_ is in the middle of a cycle of heroes focused on spider-vessel. The next releases include Spider-Ham and SP // DR, which followed the launch of the “Sinister Motivos” expansion that the majority of iconic Spider-Man villains added to the game. Both Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Green Goblin were already included in the game through the main game or through an expansion of Encounter Pack.

Wait for listening to more news about the next _ champions of wonder_ cycle soon.

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