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MX vs. ATV Legends: Publication postponed, Collectors Edition revealed

THQ Nordic has announced a new release date for MX vs ATV Legends and moved the game.

Publisher ThQ Nordic and developer Rainbow Studios today confirm that MX VS ATV Legends will be released on June 28, 2022. There are further details in the Development Diary by Rainbow Studios CEO Leonore Gilbert “The Legends Path”.

The following was announced in the article: “We are back for another issue of The Legends Path. This time we have CEO Lenore Gilbert, who can tell us where we are with the development of the game and why we decided to publish the date of publication on June 28th. to move. “

“The development of Legends was an exciting and challenging experience for our team at Rainbow Studios and Thqnordic. The attempt to expand the boundaries of an off-road racing game and at the same time keep what our player community brought to the MX VS ATV series is not an easy task. The previous result is exactly that: something new that offers more gameplay than all previous MX VS ATV games, but at the same time feels like a classic game in the series. ”

“Game delays are neither pleasant for the developers nor for the players. In our case, we had to choose between speed and quality, and the decision was easy. We want to ensure that MX VS ATV Legends, when it comes out, has the highest level of quality that Rainbow Studios can offer. Our art team ensures that the image rate is high and stable by taking tons of runs in all environments. We publish trailers and then listen to the feedback so that we can make sure that physics is exactly correctly set. The designers work across departments to ensure that we offer a gaming experience that will inspire you every time you turn on your console. The engineers test our new dedicated servers for stability so that the online experience is seamless for every1. And of course the quality assurance is working on the elimination of all bugs. “

“All of these moving parts have to fit together correctly so that a game is created that is stress -free, is fun, a challenge and rewarded the players. We now have the last little time we need to make sure that you all get the game that you deserve, and we are very excited about what legends have for you. See you on June 28th! Lenore Gilbert, managing director, Rainbow Studios. “

At the same time, the MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition was unveiled. So far no price has been mentioned.

There is a trailer to see here:

The MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition contains the following:

  • Detailed MX VS ATV figure of a 2021 Yamaha YZ450F on a ramp and two removable flags (total height 20 cm)
  • Metal chain wheel as a key rang with MX VS ATV branding
  • 5 postcards
  • Bonus DLC
  • The game MX VS ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends Delayed to June 28 - Collector's Edition Revealed

MX VS ATV Legends appears for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and can be pre -ordered in Microsoft and PlayStation Store and set on the wish list on Steam.

  • MX VS ATV Legends – 39.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Leader Pack – 59.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Icon Pack – 79.99 euros

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