Will Valorant come to PS4?

Among the new agents, the constant support with additional content and battle passes, and an excellent multiplayer experience for a shooting game

Among the new agents, the constant support with additional content and battle passes, and an excellent multiplayer experience for a free shooting game, there is a lot to love Riot Games Valorant. Since its official launch in June 2020, the game has gone wind in stern, growing in popularity and building a strong presence in electronic sports. However, it has always been a PC issue, and if you are wondering if Valorant comes to PS4 this is what we know so far.


Is Valorant come to PS4?

Two years have passed since Valorant made his debut, and although Riot has expressed interest in taking the game to the consoles, solid plans have not been launched. The Executive Producer Anna Donlon explained to Gamespot in 2020 that the team had created a prototype of the idea, but still maintained its reservations.

“We are definitely making a prototype of that right now,” Donlon said. “But there is a way to play this game and there is a way to experience this game that we are not completely sure that it is completely translated into the console game.”

However, a list of recent work for a senior game designer post for Valorant is giving the community the hope that it is working on a console port.

“As a senior game designer, it will design, modify and optimize the player’s experience. Your analytical skills, your vision of the player and your creativity help create experiences inside and out of the game that attract and surprise the players, “said the description. “It will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and work with all the tools available to innovate and iterate designs focused on the player who will delight millions around the world. Design and perfect features, modes and systems to help carry console gaming products to the market “.

The role suggests that things are accelerating behind the scene, and although it can take some time, it is likely that Riot is looking to move things along with the new contract. Until an official word is given, a PS4 version of Valorant is still not a thing.

That’s all you need to know if you’re wondering * If Valorant will come to PS4 *. Be sure to search Games Valorant to get more news and information about the game.

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