Horror Management Sim “Ravenous Devils” to Domestic Delivery on April 30. Very bad coupling management that makes the tailor customers to meat used in the restaurant

Developer’s Bad Vices Games announced on April 15th to deliver the Horror Management Simulation Games “Ravenous Devils” on April 29th in Japan (Delivery in Japan April 30). The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series x | s. The reservation acceptance of the XBOX version has already been started, and the price is 580 yen.

“Ravenous Devils” is a management simulation game that makes a couple to the protagonist. The couple moving to the city where the 19th century London is a motif, the couple moves and open the shop. My wife’s Hildread manages a restaurant. And on the second floor of the same building, her husband’s Persival runs a clothes tailor. In this work, we will earn money while working well.

The restaurant and the tailor are linked to how to work, and the main element is the procurement of “food”. I will kill customers who visited the tailor and use that person meat to make food and offer at the restaurant. The clothes that the sacrificed person was wearing can be reused as a fabric used in the tailor. It is one stone two birds.

At the tailor, you can use the “stocked” fabric and sewing machine to make clothes, and you will be able to purchase the visited customers to display at the store. There are also customers who come to order clothes to the store. Such a special customer guidance to the back room. Significant killing and wearing clothes, and throw into ducts that connect the body to the basement.

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The underground room is a restaurant kitchen. If the body falls through the duct, it will be a material of cooking on a mini machine. Then, based on the recipe, it is cooked in the oven in combination with men and other ingredients. If cooking is done, it will be provided to customers at the first floor restaurant. Even in the tailor also in the restaurant, the customer will be able to work without being able to cut the product, as customers will visit one after another. In the tailor, you should not forget to clean the blood lump for each time.

In this work, the number of dishes made and the number of clothing and dishes were sold, and the number of killed people are set, and the target of the day is completed if the goal is achieved. You can upgrade the store based on the money you earned. For example, adding kitchen cooking facilities and ingredients, speed up of cooking time, sewing machine, and add mannequin to display clothes, and add restaurant table seats. It seems to be able to grow vegetables in the greenhouse on the top floor.

Such upgrade accepting more customers while maximizing profits while working efficiently. Upgrades are also connected to the improvement of customer satisfaction, and if the reputation of the shop is increased, the revenue will be bonused. On the other hand, the secret secret of this couple is said to be feeling. While managing a shop, it is a pattern that needs to pay attention to the presence of the mystery.

“Ravenous Devils” is a PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. July 30 for Domestic delivery. With regard to the presence or absence of releases in Japan in Japan in Japan, this work is subject to 18 years of age or more at IARC rating, so it is not possible to deliver unless the developer is newly acquired by the developer. It is so.

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