Buy PS5 at Mediamarkt and Saturn

After the two dealers had already started a large pre-order action, there are now also evidence of a possible …

Especially only there was a large pre-order action at the merchants Media Markt and Saturn. Here you can go to business in many branches throughout Germany and book one of the coveted consoles with a deposit. The action is already over in many shops, but there are now evidence of a possible early online drop.

PS5 get at Saturn and Media Market

This speaks: Currently the PS5 is neither at Media Markt nor Saturn to get on the page, but there is a new note that can close to a speedy drop. So the product pages recently hides “soon available again” instead of the previous “permanently sold out.” Similar to Amazon, where the product pages are also adapted shortly before a drop, that could also be an indication that there will be online quotas soon. (Via TV Movie)

However, the pages are no longer callable, instead comes an error message. Of course, this could either mean that this new hint was a bug that is being fixed, or a preparation for a speedy drop. At least we hope.

  • PS5 at Saturn
  • Ps5 at media market

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PS5 could also be available in the trade

Away often quickly out of print Drops is still difficult to get to a PS5. Although Marketplaces like Amazon and Kaufland have the console more often on offer, but this is often third party providers who offer the PS5 not only to overpriced prices, but are not always trustworthy. And even if Kaufland has the PS5 itself on offer, the EIA is not guaranteed:

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more on the subject

PS5 for 1052.37 euros at Kaufland – and no, the offer does not run over a third party

PS5 kaufen bei Media Markt und Saturn: Diese Ă„nderung im Onlineshop bringt Hoffnung


If you do not want to wait any longer, you can continue to try to continue your luck with Media Markt and Saturn on-site. Although the pre-ordered action has already run in many places, but not all markets have been involved in the action. Some are supposed to release the pre-orders even today, on April 14th.

Where is your luck trying?

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