Kessler: We can not close the eyes!

From Tuesday, the Cologne will turn to the workup of what did not fit everything last Saturday in the first hour against the FSV Mainz.
And this was a lot.

Thomas Kessler, the license player boss, announced: “This week we have to go more intensively into the analysis and look what it was in the end.” The ex-professional pointed out how important the tactical discipline is: “We learned on Saturday at its own body, what happens when we do not hold our plan.” The main focus is likely to be on the fact that the Cologne fabricated a lot of mistakes without enemy pressure and distress.

Maybe the mood played a role and the resulting expectation. Understandably the assessment of Steffen Baumgart, who did not want to share the euphoria in Mainz: “We like to win the victory, but he was happy. We are not allowed to close the eyes before the mistakes we did. We will not. We are clearly ran and watching we make it better next time. “

“There is no first eleven, there is a squad”

Kessler Syndrome in KSP?

On the win, the Cologne against Mainz was first, as after the 0: 2 and a sloping idea everything seemed lost. Not for the first time this season, the team lived as being switched. Salih √Ėzcans Print, Dejan Ljubicics Zurability and Louis Schaubs TempoDribblings changed the game completely and finished what coach Steffen Baumgart repeatedly stressed this season: “There is no first eleven, there is a squad.” And that’s wide and works in times of increased diseases.

Kessler: “It abandoned us in the current season that every player burns on his use. The boys do not need a second start-up time, but are immediately there. They are never in a bad mood because they only switched us. The change have helped us. ” That should stay that way. However, it would be very much better in Cologne something more relaxed. Whether this just on Saturday at Derby in M√∂nchengladbach Hinhaut?

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