All episode tests I for LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga fans are given the opportunity to go through all nine episodes of star wars film franchises.
In each episode …

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga fans are given the opportunity to go through all nine episodes of star wars film franchises. Each episode has its own set of collectibles, game characters and tests. There are five comprehensive missions in each episode, each of which contains three-level tests . Here is a list of all levels corresponding to the tasks of the level in Episode I and how to fill them.

Large Fish – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Dis – This is nan

To accomplish this task, players must dodge from opi maritime killer Attacks three times in a row. This can be done by pressing the prompt button that appears on the screen.

Level number 2: To dodge each fin

In pursuit of the sea killer, the players will need to defeat massive fish without receiving any damage. Be sure to do it slowly and a lot to evaporate between attacks.

Level 3: Kolo Snoring Fish

In the last test, players will meet with another large fish, called Kolo Claw Fish . As in the previous tests, players should dodge the attacks of cakes three times in a row.

The Boonta Eve Classic – Level Test Guides

Level number 1: Eat my exhaust

During the race at this level, the players will need to finish faster than the Ultimate Lap record. Players can achieve this, avoiding obstacles on the track and pressing as much boosters as possible.

Quest level number 2 is Skywalker!

At the third round, pay attention to the service ramp on the right side of the track. To unlock the test of this level, climb the service ramp on which there is a playground for acceleration. This can be used to get ahead of Enakin’s competitors.

Level Test No. 3 – Capture

In this task, players must use three booster pads in one circle. In the race there are many of them, and players can find them scattered along the highway. Watch out for their green luminescence.

Better Call Maul – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Complete Raptation

In the first test, players must defeat Darth Mall for ten minutes. This should be quite achievable, if all attention will be focused on battle, and not on obtaining collectibles or carnations.

Test Level # 2 – Forced Out

Players can fulfill the second task using the force of jog to move five droids along the track.

Test Level 3. Chances are addressed in your favor

In the battle with Darth, the boss will eventually destroy the path. Players can use power on some boxes nearby to build a bridge. This will complete the task of this level.

Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ED – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Board Shakalaka!

At the level with a large herbaceous battlefield, players must defeat all the soaring AAT-1 tanks scattered over the field to unlock this test.

Calling Level 2 – Do not lose your head!

This test requires three heads of combat droids to be torn off. However, the task may be a bit deceptive, since the players will want to aim in the neck of the droids so that the head breaks away.

Test level №3 – Oh, it’s time!

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The last test of this level is performed by killing 300 combat droids per attack when controlling a slingshot. Bombs have a large radius of action, so that there are between large groups of enemies.

Now these are racing on the submission – Level Test Guides

Level Test No. 1 – Wunderkind

Players can perform the first test at this level using attack tips on the screen to bring down three droids of vultures within five seconds.

Quest level number 2 – rotation… good trick!

While in the Naboo Starfighter spacecraft, Anakin must make three rotations to dodge the blocked attacks of enemies.

Calling Level 3 – Hooray!

The last test of this episode requires the players to destroy the droid control ship without killing them.

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