Nintendos original headquarters is now the hotel – a fresh video will bring to the first presentation behind the scenes of the historic building

News published in the consolefin. Video round at the Nintendo hotel.

Nintendo’s original headquarters with Muine buildings in Japan’s Kyoto is nowadays hotel. A fresh video will be interested in exploring the new use of a historic building before starting its official use.

Round to the premises is successful with the Video downloaded for the Paolo Fometyo channel. The moving picture shows the premises of the accommodation from stays of accommodation in public areas and outdoor pools.

“Nintendo is one of today’s largest video game companies, but you may not know that it all started from the company that made playing cards in 1889 here in Kagiyacho Kyoto and based on Fusajiro Yamauchi ,” says video description. “And this building was the first office of Nintendo’s headquarters, which was in full operation until 1959, when Nintendo finally grew out of the office and moved to a larger state.”

Nintendo Headquarters Hotel in Japan - World's First Look Inside
The hotel consists of four buildings, one of which is completely new. Recycling has elapsed the former Nintendo office space, a warehouse building used by the gambler and the company’s former leader family. Facilities have been uninhabited to these days until it is now opened for accommodation. The name of Marufukuro comes from one of Nintendo’s corporate name.

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