“Daddy of different world” new UR character “Hikari” appeared! Collection events are held! Add a stole! New sense beauty girl RPG smartphone game

2022.03.22 Service, InfraWare Japan, who is operating a mobile game for smartphones, Infraware Japan Co., Ltd. is

Infraware Japan, who is working and operated mobile games for smartphones, “I became dad if it was blown away by different world, but Iphone Knights Story ~” (iPhone and Android compatible / free) is performed.

Infraware Japan, who is working with mobile games for smartphones, Infraware Japan, “I became dad if it was blown away by different worlds, but Impapa Knights Story- (iPhone and Android Support / Free).

Along with this, maintenance will be performed at the following date.

# Maintenance date and time

March 25 10:30 to 13:30 (scheduled for 3 hours 00 minutes)

※ The end time may be back and forth.
※ You can not play the game during maintenance.
※ There is no need for update.

New Character Hikari Appears!

Furthermore, in commemoration of the appearance of Hikari, a pickup gacha will be held!

In addition, we will also hold an instant Win campaign and new character addition commemorative quiz events that a total of 100 AMAZON gift vouchers hit a total of 100 people from this time.

Also, after the update on March 25, Hikari’s bell collection event starts.

Clear the specified quest in the game and get a bell! The bell you got can be replaced with various items!

Another story that can see the another story of the spirits will also be added!

# New character hikari added

UR / fantasy / bow
CV: Ai Shibata
Writer: AppleCaramel
(Titles omitted)

# Hikari Additional Commemorative Pickup Gacha


March 25 (after maintenance) -1 April 28


Hikari is much more probability than normal!

Please check the pickup page for details!

# Hikari Introduction Video Twitter Scratch Event


March 22-March 25th 09:59

※ Event start time is scheduled for 10 o’clock every day during the event period
(Planned after 12:30 only on 22nd)

# # Event contents

After RT the applicable Tweet of Twitter, scratch from the banner in the game!

AMAZON gift certificate will be presented up to 5000 yen for 100 people!

Application method

After RT the applicable tweet, move from the banner in the game to the scratch page.

Scratch on the scratch page and check the results.

please note

This event varies tweets and scratch pages every day.

Please check after confirmation.

# Hikari Additional Memorial Official Twitter Event

Frosty Faustings XIV 2022 Dragonball FighterZ Top 8


March 23-March 24 23:59

※ Event start time is scheduled after March 23 to 12 o’clock

# # Event contents

If you reply the answer to “Hikari’s true body?”, AMAZON gift certificate will be presented to 5 people by lottery from among the correct answers!

Application method

RT the applicable tweets and reply

Also, as a double chance, the corresponding event tweet exceeds 1000RT and a gift in-game item 200 gems will be presented to all users!

# Hikari’s Suzu Collection Event


March 25 (after maintenance) -3 month 3 23:59

# # Event contents

Play the content of the specified game and collect the bells and replace it with the item!

# # How to get bells

Earn by playing the day of the day dungeon boss challenge and party lily in the game

Number of exchangeable items and herbs

UR Primary Summon Ticket 1 700 pieces of choice of 300 pieces of choice 1 piece 500 pieces 1 sheet of high-grade prim summoning ticket 350 premium tickets 10 pieces 300 pieces of material summoning ticket 10 sheets 500 pieces of creation Kakera 150 pieces 150 pieces of random card 1 120 pieces of adventure tickets (10 hours) 3 pieces 70 pieces of A class 5 pieces of class A class A class A class Ericser 20 pieces 50 pieces reinforcing material 5 pieces Class B grade strengthened stone 15 pieces 30 pieces Class C 50 pieces of Class C 50 pieces Class C 30 keys of

※ This event is not an event that can earn Hikari
※ The number of times that can be exchanged by the item and the number of bells required are different
※ Please note that the contents of the event may change without notice

# Story addition

Applicable date and time

Apply after March 25 after maintenance


Mitama and Atlas appeared “Samurai Story”. (Do you want to train together?)

please note

The stool is added by acquiring the specified character.


· “Limited time” Hikari Summon Challenge Pack Sales

※ Limited time package can be checked from the shop “Special” in the game.
※ Please check the sales schedule of limited time package in the game

# “I became a dad if I was blown away from another world ~ Civine Knights Story ~” Product Information

# # “I became a dad if I was blown away from another world ~ Congle Knight Story ~” iOS version

Supported OS: iPhone 6s or higher (iOS 9.0 or higher)
Delivery: June 3, 2021
Price: Basic Play Free (Item Pillment System)
▼ App Store

# # “I became dad if I was blown out of the different world, but the spirit knight story story ~” Android version

Supported OS: A terminal equipped with Android 4.2 or more
Delivery: June 3, 2021
Price: Basic Play Free (Item Pillment System)
▼ Google Play Store

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