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Horizon Forbidden West sets new record on ps5

Horizon Forbidden West has established a new record for a ps5 launch game. Here we tell you what it is about.

While the attention of a large part of the public in February was focused on elden ring, do not forget to _ horizon forbidden West_, which has become the most successful dollar launch of PS5 to this day.

Horizon Forbidden West - najpiękniejsza gra z PS5 [RECENZJA]

According to Mat Piscatella, member of the NPD Group, The new Guerrilla Games work was positioned in the second place in general sales in February 2022 in the United States , only behind trown Ring. Next to this, Horizon Forbidden West reached the top of sales on the PS5 during this period of time.

Fortunately, that’s not all, since sales in PlayStation 5 version of Horizon Forbidden West established a new record for the month of launch in this console. While we still do not have specific numbers related to the units sold, this could well mean that many people opted for some of the special editions that cost more than $ 70 dollars.

Recall that _ Horizon Forbidden West_ came to the market of different forms and prices . Next to the standard edition, there is also one with steelbook and art book, as well as two packages with gigantic collection pieces. On related topics, here you can check our review of Horizon Forbidden West. Similarly, a new update has reached this game.

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