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How to get fat parchment in Lost Ark

To complete the foliary of an adventure seeker, you must find a collective object called “Fat Parchment” in “Lost Aruk

Lost Ark - 100% North Vern Adventurer's Tome Guide (Cooking, Collectibles, Stories and more)
To complete the foliary of the adventure seeker, you must find a collective object called “Thick Parchment” in the “Lost Ark”. Monsters will reset a collective thick parchment on the Northern Continent of Verne (or in other areas if you have already visited the Northern Verne).

Where is the “fat parchment” in Verne North?

It is more likely that monsters with Yellow Aura will reset the tight parchment over their heads. You will have more chances to find fat parchment when you decide to fight with these special monsters that are leaders. We recommend to aim on the lead forest leopard specifically in the forest of Vernese, where we got it.

You can earn these collectibles in several ways. However, since monsters fall randomly, we found that old-fashioned agriculture and good luck are the best ways to get them. It looks like the same paper on which the independence declaration was written (i.e. the old document).

If you plan to add it to your “Lost Ark” collection, take it into a secluded and safe place. * The best place is * castle Verne Since he has no enemies and he is the main city of North.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, then right-click on thick parchment . The foliary of adventure seeker will inform you when a collection of thick parchment will be added.

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