Attout 2022 – The Football Manager: New Publisher for the return of the management

The Developer Team of 2Ainium has found a new publisher for impetus 2022 with TOPLITZ PRODUCTIONS – the Football Manager, which in the future is around the …

The Developer Team of 2Ainium has found a new publisher for kick-off in 2022 – the football manager, which will take care of the publication of the famous management series in the future. For more than 15 years, fans have been waiting for a new part of the kick-off – this year the comeback but should be queuing. The creators therefore also take the feedback of the community to heart to improve the game. At the same time, one announced that one will publish an impact this year internationally – as Goal! The Club Manager.

_ “Make yourself ready for classic impetus gameplay, adapted to the increased requirements for coaches and managers as well as the developments of modern football. Attout 2022 offers playing depth as well as realism and confronts you with the complexity of the manager existence without losing in microman management, As coach, manager, sports director and club chief in Personnel Union, you take care of the team, tactics, installation, transfer market, club grounds, finance and much more “_ \ – the press release to initiated 2022 – the football manager.

What’s In FM22’s Big Update
Furthermore, fans of the former games can not only be happy about the famous humor, but also on mascot Pallino, which will provide newcomers with tips and tricks. Other highlights include a brand new heatmap that will help you with the analysis of your team, individual personalities of the players or a multiplayer mode for up to eight players, where you can compete online against other managers. You can read even more details on the product page at Steam.

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