The best heroes Bloons TD 6

In Bloons TD 6, you can choose from dozens of heroes. Heroes have extra abilities, attacks and special features. Choice …

In Bloons TD 6, you can choose from dozens of heroes. Heroes have extra abilities, attacks and special features. The choice of a good hero can allow you to easily completely pass the level in Bloons TD 6.

But what heroes are the best? We have compiled a list of the best heroes Bloons TD 6 and told why they are so good.


Ador is universally considered the best hero in the game. Why? Its extreme synergy with ninja monkey and alchemist monkeys. In combination with a ninja and a slowdown, alchemists, self-equipped sun rays make it deadly. Unfortunately, since she is so expensive, you need to make sure that your economy flourishes before you take it. Its only weakness is camouflage balls that are easily neutralized by improvements or other monkeys.


Benjamin’s abilities bring money and comprehensive utility make it a great hero for those who just want to sit back and play Bloons TD. An excellent choice for beginners, because it effectively makes your bugs in purchases not a problem.

Captain Churchill

Possessing, perhaps, the most rude damage in the game, Churchill is ideal when you need to rush on a specific set of balls. However, due to the fact that he is so expensive, you can use this hero only on certain difficulties and maps.

Greenfoot dub

The hero on the theme of nature, Greenfoot, uses spiritual wolves that are automatically aimed at Bloons. This means that they can easily destroy a huge number of balls, including lead balls. However, it is vulnerable to Camo and Purple Bloons.

Pat Fasty

Pat Fasty allows you to slow down the game. His ROAR ability freezes balls in place, while its common damage and a combination of abilities will quickly cope with almost all levels. Excellent hero for both newcomers and experienced players.

Who is The BEST HERO? - ALL Bloons TD 6 Heroes Ranked!


Sauda, ​​launder, an incredibly reliable hero with a high damage, speed and piercing. Due to the detection of camouflage, it easily becomes one of the best heroes in the game, even if its range brings it a bit.

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