Ron-Robert goalkeeper weathered against regular counters

On Sunday afternoon Hannover 96 won 3-0 at FC St. Pauli. While coach Christoph Dabrowski was full of praise after the game, Torwart Ron-Robert got up a penalty over a penalty rule.

The figures spoke a fairly clear language. The FC St. Pauli had a clear obesity in terms of the possession (59 percent), but otherwise all parameters pointed to the superiority of Hannover 96. The Lower Saxony had been not only in the direct duels of the Millerntor in the 90 minutes of the millennium (54 percent of two-fighting) – they had also concluded significantly more often compared to the Hamburgers (19:11), had covered three kilometers more and each other Almost twice as many corners worked out (13: 7).

Of course, Christoph Dabrowski had hardly enough to complain about. “Today, the team has launched an outstanding performance,” Hanover’s coach spurred on the “Sky” microphone following the 3-0 success in the stranger and then called the points discipline, buggy strength and unity.

Dabrowski pleases the playful development

7-year-old fatty goalkeeper - FOOTBALL MONSTER! Alex Aquino - future Real Madrid star!

Also playful have known his team to convince. “There’s a development to recognize,” said Dabrowski and was therefore equally done by performance as Ron-Robert’s goal. Hannovers Keeper spoke of a “really good away” and nobbled his teammates for “scary a lot of passion”.

I miss the words.

Ron-Robert Target

But then aimed to talk to the penalty of Guido Burgstaller. Since the game has long decided ten minutes before the end at the stand of 3: 0 for Hannover has long since decided to tail the penalty to the edge note – the goal was still not a good hair at the regular counters. “I miss the words,” said the 33-year-old and then referred to as “totally incomprehensible” that the penalty had been repeated again after his parade against Burgstaller.

Kyereh meets the crossbar – but it’s not the goal

Because targeters had moved a bit too early and occurred in front of the goal line, the VaR switched on, marriage referee Bastian grated the penalty re-executed again. This time Daniel-Kofi Kyereh met the latte, but it did not go to the goal. “We have a goalkeeper already hard enough and then you hold such a ball,” Hannover’s final man said to get rid of finally: “Who invented that has no idea of ​​football.”

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