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The crazy and disconcerting nature of The Oldest House continues to be a problem, while Jesse Faden walks there. While players must solve

Last updated Aug 28, 2019

The crazy and disconcerting nature of The Oldest House continues to be a problem, while Jesse Faden walks there. While players have to solve the mystery of what is happening at the Federal Bureau of Control’s main base, there are strong forces that prevent progress. A deadly force preventing you from moving forward is a boss called The Train. This Massive Borgne creature will not facilitate the task. Here is the detail of how to tackle this boss and progress Control.

How to beat the old in control

First phase

You will see the massive shape of the old argue from nowhere, with a gigantic white eye directed directly to you. As soon as you see the health bar, start shooting in this eye using your telekinesia powers. Directly target the white eye of the creature to cause damage. At the same time, the great creature will launch black orbs in your direction. These disappear quite quickly after one shot. However, you do not want to waste your powers on them. Instead, keep your pistol on the standard setting to remove them.

You can damage the eyes with your pistol, but you will not do too much. You want to focus on the typing with objects you take using your powers.

phase two

Once you have treated about a quarter of his health, the old is going to escape. It’s not over yet with you. You will find it shortly after, and it probably also looks much bigger now. Not only that, but you will see his legs come out of his body. These unpleasant things will try to make your time even worse. In addition, you still have to pay attention to the black orbs it throws you.

You can freely attack the old as he shows off his legs, who will crash while trying to hit you. You’ll want to jump into the air using your levitation ability to dodge them. However, you must now pay attention to you because these heavy feet will leave holes in the ground. If you fall into one of these, they will kill you, and you have to start again. Avoid them, while launching any object you can with the trainer’s eye.

phase three

Once you have reached the last third of his health, he escapes again. You do not have to worry about another attack or something new, but the old is about to start attacking much faster. When it goes up, leg attacks will be more common, destroying the floor and forcing you to monitor your position. Once again, if you change the diagram for the first two phases, the last one is more or less the same.

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Best way to hurt the old

Throwing objects on the white eye of the trainer is a great way to hurt the creature. However, the best way to make the maximum damage to the boss is to use these black orbs against them. The old will draw three at intervals. You can use your telekinesia powers to grab them, pull them into you, then throw them into the eyes of the creature. You will see a lot of damage against him, which makes the fight much faster.

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