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The PlayStation Plus Games of February 2022 will soon appear for free in the PS Store. Thus you only have a few days left, Jan January games to …

You have nothing to play this weekend? Maybe you have not thought to check out the PS4 and PS5 games of January 2022-lineup. With Deep Rock Galactic, among other things, a true coop hit is part of the current PS plus bid. Hurry up, the titles are only available few days free of charge!

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When will the PS plus games of February 2022 bid? On Tuesday, February 1, 2022. At lunchtime, the PS plus titles are exchanged. That is, you still have time to tear the January games under the nail.

  • All PS plus games in February 2022 can be found in this game article.

PlayStation Plus in January 2022 – These games are currently available for all PS plus members

  • Deep Rock Galactic (PS4 / PS5)

  • persona 5 strikers (PS4
  • DIRT 5 (PS4 / PS5)

The highlight of January 2022 lineup is undoubtedly Deep Rock Galactic . Here you can view the trailer for co-op game, which is just really well in the PS plus community:

Deep Rock Galactic is launched in 2018 in the Early Access phase and has since become a real coop insider tip for the Xbox and the PC. Now, PlayStation owners and owners will finally come to enjoyment.

That’s why: The PS Plus game is a shooter for up to four players. But you can also go with the Ki al1. In Deep Rock Galactic, you will accompany a team of space dwarfs and works through huge, random cave systems that engrace you after valuable raw materials. But this is not that easy, but (of course): During the search for raw materials, you are in a team with aggressive alien enemies and nasty falling around.

More about Deep Rock Galactic and why it is so good, you read in our separate game game performance.

Have you already loaded January games? Which title is your highlight and why? Write us in the comments!

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