Subway Horror Game “Subway Midnight” Transplantation decision to household game console, for delivery within 2022. Girl progresses in the car that has become an Obake house

Our Active Gaming Media Publishing Brand PLAY ISM announced on January 23, portable game Subway Midnight that Bobby Dakota, Indie Dakota, announced that it will be delivered within 2022. Specific response platform is undecided.

Subway Midnight is a horror game with subway theme. The main character is a girl who got into a dim subway. She moves the vehicle forward to escape because she gets an approaching presence from behind her. This subway is like an Bake House, and a ghost person is a while, or a strange phenomenon may occur, or a strike of the atmosphere that does not seem like a train.

Different effects are prepared for each vehicle, and the perspective and visual effects are also sluggish. It is said that about 100 types of vehicles are recorded. Also, the door to the next vehicle is also closed, and there is a challenge to puzzle elements. It is required that the threat can be in the case of coming, and it is required to look for the necessary items in the car or operate the switch in the correct order. Furthermore, if you think that the vehicle has been moved, it will be skipped into a completely different space. There is also a new gameplay waiting.


In this work, the environment such as subway is expressed by 3D, and the character etc. is a hand drawn illustration of 2D. While the horror game is rich in the outdated, it is characteristic that pop visuals and productions, including character designs, are also characterized. As you have advanced such a car, the player will reach one of three endings.

This work is distributed last October and the PC version precedes. Although it is a relatively short work, it is rich in stuffed production and ideas. In STEAM’s user reviews, 88% is well received at the moment. Such a high valuation work has been decided this time that it will be developed on home game consoles.

Subway Midnight is scheduled to be delivered within 2022 for home game consoles. Specific response platform is undecided. Also, the PC (Steam) version is currently being distributed.

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