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Gaming notebooks that did not receive the existing lights were replaced by the extent to the end of the graphics card. The existing gaming notebook is somewhat in milliseconds in performance, price competitiveness, upgrading than desktops ??

Finally, the graphics card is not visible crisis, did not receive a gaming laptop emerged as an alternative to conventional lighting. Gaming laptop to an existing showed performance than desktop, competitive price somewhat prone Millie etc. upgrades. However, to obtain the most important high-performance graphics card to fit your gaming PC has become byeolttagi the sky. Lack of quantity without its jaw, resulting in sleeves that far surpassed the price. In some of the players I thought the Desktop upgrade was also turning toward hagetdaneun inflated price than to buy a graphics card provide a decent gaming laptop.

Be at CES, one of the nation’s largest consumer products exhibition, numerous gaming notebook demand has emerged as a competitive background also soared influenced looks. Intel, NVIDIA, AMD showed update gaming notebook CPU, GPU, etc. For emphasized that retain the high performance than its competitors line, took off the veil numerous laptop, three companies have announced products introduced before being mounted. So I wonder what it is notable gaming laptop released this year with products from CES?

∙ AMD ∙ Intel, NVIDIA, also extended domain 3 from the desktop to the laptop

One of the trends that pass through the CES this year will be an Intel, AMD, NVIDIA holding tight global market competition dwaetdaneun extended gaming laptop. All three companies through the CES announced the new CPU and GPU to be mounted on a gaming laptop gets hot and Dagwood to the stage. That during part of which concentrate a lot of attention is Intel and AMD established a sharp daeripgak.

Intel introduced the 12th generation mobile processor, 28 kinds of products aimed at the notebook through the CES 2022. 12 generation Intel Core mobile processors was held up to 40% higher performance than the previous generation, the driving speed of the game was faster 28%. That during the H series introduced as top-level model is between the maximum 5Ghz clock rate, 14 cores, supports 20 threads, mobile processor, the first support memory up to 4800MT / s or faster, and on the basis of Thunder Bold 4 4K monitor and peripherals apsewotda high connectivity to strength. 12 Generation Intel Core notebooks is equipped with the H- series will be available from February this year.

AMD has introduced a new series GPU Radon RX 6000 for 20 kinds of raised dedicated processor 6000 series laptop notebook. First raised 6000 6 nm Encased three-core architecture based on the RDNA 2-based integrated graphics card, up to 11% in the single-core than the previous model, multi-core, up to 28% faster. Then Radon RX 6000S series was introduced that support a stable game play based on the targets in a slim lightweight notebook products, optimization in thin notebook power efficiency and high performance. AMD announced as 200 laptops will be available in the paper market this year with its CPU, GPU.

Nvidia unveiled the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti notebook. 80. It is the first Nvidia GPU serves for the Ti-grade notebook, was equipped with the fastest 16 GB GDDR6 memory of its products. In addition, RTX is also released gaming laptop 3070 Ti is mounted. Predecessor, the RTX up to 70% faster than a notebook equipped with a 2070 super, it is possible to implement a 100 frames per second in 1,440p resolution. RTX 3080 Ti notebook is 2499 US dollars (about 2.96 million won, Hanna), RTX 3070 Ti laptops are sold from 1,499 US dollars (about 1.78 million won, Hanna).

Jorge attention at CES gaming notebook strap New

Based on the components previously introduced numerous new products exhibited a gaming laptop apse the enhanced global PC manufacturers in multiple CES. First, this DOG Z13 Zephyrus flow of Mousse is 12 generation Intel Core i9-12900H, GPU is equipped with a GeForce RTX 3050, capacity is up to 16 GB. In particular, the screen 14.3 inches and a weight of 1.18 kg and only in the 0.47 inch (about 1.12 cm) thickness. A decent performance, apsewotda a comparable PC with the portability of a tablet strength.

Subsequently, Dell Alien ware X14 Technologies has attracted attention as a compact gaming laptop with reliable performance. The 14-inch screen, and a 12-generation Intel Core i7-12900H, NVIDIA RTX 3060 with the highest standard specification, this 32 GB RAM are mounted. Laptop thickness in such an arrangement is only 0.57 inches (1.45 cm). The display supports a resolution of 1920×1080 and a 144Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy Dolby Vision, 3D audio with Dolby Atmos, based on the depth and picture clarity.


If you can not fall laser gaming products also launched a new gaming laptop through the CES. Razor blade 14 dwaeteumyeo raised 9 5900HX is AMD’s first processors built in laser notebook, GPU was mounted RTX 3080 Ti. HD display is a display that supports, 2560×1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh rate. Battery life with efficient power design with powerful performance to play the game smoothly AAA this amounts to a maximum of 12 hours. As well as the Bait equipped to catch the heat efficiently, yet quiet enough apse high performance cooling chamber flops (VAPOR CHAMBER COOLING).

Acer Gaming Notebook New Nitro 5 was introduced two versions of Intel and AMD processors. Intel’s 12-generation Intel Core i7 processors, AMD version of the 6000 series is equipped with raised. All are equipped with the latest Intel and AMD processors, RAM is 32 GB. Intel Thunder Bold 4, AMD was evaluating claims to be a similar level of connectivity, support for USB 4.0. GPU is the RTX 30 Series mounting, particularly AMD version is equipped with a RTX 3070 Ti. In addition, 3D and audio support, RGB, which emphasizes the keyboard WAS keys and the arrow keys to write a lot of games apsewotda features.

Finally, Lenovo has revealed a number of new product lines to its gaming notebook brand Legion, Legion 5i Pro has emerged as the leading products. Will be released in February, the price is high level to 1,569 US dollars (about 1.86 million won, Hanna), but the Intel version is up to 12 generations i9-12900H, AMD model is equipped with a raised 9 6900HX, GPU is the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. Part of Lenovo’s emphasis on this product is that the first gaming notebook equipped with a 16 inches IPS screen. The wide viewing angle and color representation kkophimyeo hand strength, and support for up to 240Hz refresh rate in HD resolution. When gaming notebook I think jinyeotda the modest appearance of gray or white with contrast and brilliant images.

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